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Camarada is a collaboration between Ratton School, Cavendish School and the Redoubt  Fortress, bringing together military cadets and veterans to share a conversation over a game of chess, draughts or dominoes. The topic for discussion was ‘free time’ and ‘friendship in the forces’. Cadets choose to participate in military training as part of their play time but for the veterans, this was work time so how did they choose to spend their time off duty?  What are the similarities in how these individuals spend their free time, both now and then? How were friendships forged during times of adversity? The Camarada exhibition is part of a larger project entitled ‘My Playground’.

My Playground, which is funded by the Big Lottery, explores the concept of play.  We all play, regardless of our nationality, cultural background or age, play is the one thing we all have in common, whether it is a game of football with friends or enjoying a bubble bath alone, play is used to recharge our batteries and share our ideas, even animals play! 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your involvement in Camarada.  It was truly an enjoyable day with many inspiring images and conversations resulting.  Thank you all for your time and commitment.

With thanks to veterans David Stevens, David Edwards, Dave Gill, Tony Griffiths, Lawrance Waughman and Jonathan Lindsay. Thanks also to Air Cadets Paige Jordan-Evans, Ellie Stiles and Patrick Gates, Sea  Cadets  Connor  David,  Jessica  Micheal,  Samuel  Griffiths  and

Marine Cadets William Brett, Tom Hall, Jessica Thompson and Carl Kelly.