Photoluminescent Bus Timetable

Our client wanted requested I designed these bus shelter posters to promote the launch of a new rural late night bus service we choose glow in the dark to give our client’s campaign a creative edge.

Used within bus shelter frames along the route, in one colour white onto 300 gsm black card and then used long after-glow phosphorescent ink to achieve the glow in the dark effect. In this case, we perfected a long after-glow effect absorbing light during the day to release at night.

Part of the campaign to promote the new service was to give users of the bus glow in the dark plastic credit card style cards with web and social media contact details to get the bus times. Plastic cards were chosen for their durability for passengers to keep the cards in their wallets for reference. Once printed with the glow in the dark special effect, the cards were die cut to shape with rounded corners to achieve the credit card style, ready to be handed out by the promoters at night-time venues to launch the service.

Both the posters and the cards have been well received and we helped our client create a highly illuminating campaign.